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Community Sessions - Wednesday June 7, 2023

Community Sessions are FREE half-day sessions on Wednesday afternoon for select sessions. These sessions will be identified in the agenda by having (COMM) listed after their title.

A complimentary registration for community sessions will include access to the Opening Keynote Session and the GAME NIGHT Welcome Reception on Wednesday. This registration DOES NOT include access to Wednesday morning, meals on or ALL sessions on Wednesday afternoon or the rest of the conference on Thursday or Friday.
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1:00 - 2:30 pm


Join CSA Colorado for an interactive discussion on the latest trends and challenges in the cybersecurity job market.  While this is a fast-growing and incredibly dynamic field, it’s not without its challenges.  We’ll take a look at the current state of play from several angles: recruiters, seasoned hiring managers, and new entrants. We’ll discuss the struggles of job hunting, the complexities of finding talent for organizations, and the state of cybersecurity education.

This is meant to be an audience-engaged discussion: Come to listen and learn as well as to share your experiences and stories of what it's like to build a career in a challenging and exciting field.

This is going to be a great session for:

  • Cybersecurity job seekers, either breaking into the field or looking for a transition.

  • Hiring managers and CISOs interested in sharing their experiences with finding and hiring talent.

  • Cybersecurity professionals interested in understanding the current state of the market.

The Art of Service

2:30 - 4:00 pm


If you master the art of serving others it will take your life and career to the next level. This talk includes lessons learned, tools, and stories about serving others in the cybersecurity industry. From influence, earning respect, trust, and business conversations - we will cover tools and techniques that will take your career as a security professional to the next level.

Learner Objectives

After this session, the learner will:

  • Have new tools to navigate executive-level communication
  • Learn to influence (with and without authority)
  • Be able to articulate security risks to individuals across the business


Alteryx Exploration Workshop

1:00 - 4:00 pm


Most organizations strive to automate repetitive tasks and drive analytics from their data, but it can be challenging to find the right solution to support these efforts. We have identified Alteryx as an excellent tool to support automation and analytics initiatives and will be hosting an all-day event to showcase how Alteryx reinvents how organizations do business.  

Our event is structured with both new and existing users in mind. The morning lecture-style presentations will provide introductory Alteryx training and a deeper discussion on how organizations are driving value with Alteryx. The afternoon workshop sessions will provide attendees the opportunity to build out their first use case or refine existing use cases with one-on-one coaching from certified Alteryx experts. 

By the end of the day, you will: 

  • Understand the benefits and uses of Alteryx
  • Learn about common use cases and best practices for Alteryx
  • See the value and impact other organizations are gaining with Alteryx
  • Identify how Alteryx integrates with and supports other tools
  • Build your first workflow or improve your existing workflows

1:00 – 4:00 pm: Hands-on Alteryx Development Workshops

*This training will be focused on Alteryx and not data analytics in general.  If planning to attend the afternoon workshop format, please come with Alteryx Designer installed on your laptop to participate. If you are a new user, free 30-day trials can be downloaded here: https://www.alteryx.com/designer-trial/free-trial-alteryx

Building the Bridge from Cybersecurity Education to Employment

1:00 - 4:00 pm


A workshop for overcoming the cyber skills shortage and barrier to entry

ISSA International recently launched the Apprenticeship, Internships, Mentorships (AIM) Program to help bridge the gap that exists from the time a student or professional transitioning to a cyber career to the time it takes to contribute to an organization’s cyber team positively.

Join us in our discussion on developing alliances with like-minded organizations to ensure skills development and workforce readiness is easily available and accessible to all pre-professionals and entry-level employees.

Strategies for Creating a Cybersecurity Career: For Newcomers, Career Changers, or Stale Jobs

1:00 - 4:00pm

Join us for an introduction to the field in where and how to get started, what the industry business drivers are, and where and how to engage in opportunities. We will help you actively engage in cybersecurity, where the professionals live, and help you represent yourself visibly and actively in the marketplace, while becoming active in the right places, and leveraging your resources for the best results. This includes inputs on education opportunities, career goals, and how to get connected. We will help you get started and create a path in the forest, while paring the forest down to the business need and your current interests. We will help you create visibility and a platform to stand out on your own, while presenting options for successful degree programs, learning and certification. We will guide on the value and ways to gain experience and entry to the field. We will help you identify low-hanging fruit, fit current staffing challenges to your own growth plan, and create your own career plan to enter the field, so you can take the journey forward into the future.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify opportunities to enter the field or transition to cybersecurity, or restart a stale career
  • Write a career plan with actionable results starting immediately, and that builds for the future
  • Gain insights that help leverage resources for best value and opportunities
  • Create a platform that moves you forward immediately and into the future
  • Develop new skills while you also build a cybersecurity career

Women in Security 

1:00 - 4:00 PM


Join Denver ISSA’s Women in Security for an all-day event featuring exciting speakers, opportunities to network, and fun activities.  Connect with other women in security and learn how to grow your cybersecurity career—in 2023 and beyond!

Afternoon Agenda:

  “Getting the job – the view from the hiring manager” Panel Discussion

Moderator:  Heidi McDonald, Director of Communications, Denver ISSA

Panelists: Valerie Jordan, Karie Gunning, Mary Haynes

“Cyberpsychology - This is your brain on cyber”   

Speaker: Dr. Erik Huffman, CEO/Founder Handshake Leadership

Group Activity

Privacy Forum

1:00 - 4:00 PM

This event will have speakers and discussions on privacy laws, privacy implementation best practices, and how others are integrating privacy practices into their organizations. This session is aimed at anyone with an interest in privacy, including privacy officers, legal counsel, privacy engineers, and compliance and audit professionals.

Track #1


Track Moderator: David Stauss


Topic: Health Data Privacy

Moderator: TK Lively 

Speaker: Felicity Slater from Future of Privacy Forum,  Jordan Wrigley

2:10pm -3:10pm 

Topic: AdTech

Speakers: Dave Zetoony


Topic: Children's Privacy Panel

Speakers: Shelby Dolen and Sophie Baum

Track #2


Track Moderator: Preston Bukaty

1pm -2:00pm

Topic: Rise of the Machines

Panel: Doug Brush + TBD

2:10pm -3:10pm

Topic: Breach Response Tabletop

Speakers: David Navetta

3:15pm -4:15pm

Topic: TBD

Speaker: Dustin Taylor 

Track #3


Track Moderator: Carlin Dornbusch

1pm -2:00pm

Topic: Intro to Risk for Privacy and Security

Speakers: Jason Cronk

2:10 pm-3:10pm

Topic: Risk Transference - Navigating Insurance

Speakers: Barret Bartels of Risk Management Partners + TBD


Topic: Leveraging IT for Privacy

Panel: Mike Smith of Salesforce, Darren Weiner for AWS controls

Keynote: CISO SERIES Live Podcast Recording

4:30 - 5:30 pm


Live Audience Recording of CISO Series Podcast

Come join host David Spark for a live audience recording of CISO Series Podcast. We'll discuss cybersecurity leadership, dealing with security issues, and how cybersecurity practitioners work with security vendors. Plus, we'll play a few games. Joining David on stage will be Jay Wilson, CISO, Insurity and Michelle Wilson, CISO, Movement Mortgage.


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